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Office skills - Excel

Time at the office can be spent significantly more efficiently if we know how to use our office tools the best way. Takeoff Learning’s office skills teachers will teach you the tricks and techniques to achieve this. We offer high quality training, tailored to the needs of each client.

We adapt the schedule of the training and the number of hours to the needs of your business.

Excel Level 1

Excel Level 2

Excel Level 3

Duration 1 day (two 4 hours sessions)

Duration 1 day (two 4 hours sessions)

Duration 1 day (two 4 hours session

The course covers:


•Introduction to Microsoft Excel

•Entering and Amending Data

•Saving and Opening Workbooks

•Navigating and Selecting Ranges

•Entering Formulas

•Inserting/Deleting Rows and Columns

•Formatting Worksheets

•Using Simple Functions

•Copying, Moving and AutoFill

•Relative vs. Absolute References

•Previewing and Printing



The course covers:


•Find and Replace

•Introduction to Range Names

•Using Multiple Worksheets

•Cell Styles and Conditional Formatting

•Paste Special

•Text and Date Formulas

•IF Function

•Using Charts

•Sorting and Filtering Lists

•Using Tables

•SmartArt and Drawings

•Comments and Hyperlinks

•Importing and Exporting Data



The course covers:


•Managing Range Names

•Date and Time Formulas

•Custom Formats

•IF and Related Functions

•VLOOKUP and Related Functions

•Advanced Filter / Subtotals

•Database Functions

•Multiple Workbooks / Consolidation

•Data Validation


•Pivot Tables

•Shared Workbooks / Tracking

•Protecting Worksheets

•Using Templates

We provide courses in Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw, but can also provide courses in Mandalay and other places in Myanmar.