English Courses

English courses

We offer high quality English training, tailored to the needs of each client. To make the English lessons relevant and interesting for the learners, we use examples from their daily lives and work life, and we use roleplays to ensure that the training is interactive, and audio and video examples to make the course up-to-date and fun.


We adapt the schedule of the training and the number of lessons to the needs of your business. However, for beginners we recommend no less than 48-60 hours of training.

General English for adults


For those who have very little knowledge of English, a course in general English is a good first step. The training includes reading, writing, talking and listening. There is a lot of emphasis on pronunciation in the lessons. We tailor the training to the workplace of the students, so that they can easily apply what they have learnt when they get back to work.


Levels: Elementary to advanced.

General English courses uses picture cards to engage the students
Business English improves the employees how to use emails, understand communication


Business English/English for the workplace


Even if you know how to speak and write English, you normally need a more specific vocabulary and particular communication skills to speak and write in a professional manner in an international work environment. Our courses in Business English, particularly tailored for the workplace of the participants, will not only focus on the language skills, but also on the cultural aspects of working in an international environment.


Levels: pre-intermediate to advanced





Conversational English for adults


At some workplaces what you need is speaking and understanding spoken English, rather than reading and writing. Also, some people can read and write English well, but find making conversations in English difficult. We therefore offer a study programme in Conversational English. It covers all the basics, including grammar, and will also involve some reading and writing, but the main focus will be on speaking and understanding spoken English.


Levels: Elementary to advanced.

conversational English improves the communication in the company

We provide courses in Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw, but can also provide lessons and trainings in Mandalay and other places in Myanmar.