About Takeoff Learning

About Takeoff Learning

Takeoff Learning started up in Yangon in early 2016. Its owners have long experience from educational institutions and business in Europe. We know that learning outcomes for students will be better the more relevant the teaching is to their work situation and daily lives. Therefore we have chosen to offer training that we tailor-make to each of the particular workplaces that are our clients.

Our Team

Ranveig founder of Takeoff Learning

Ranveig Heide Jørgensen

Managing Director/Partner

Extensive experience with administration and management of higher education institutions in Norway, including internationalisation and quality assurance of education.

Marthe co funder of Takeoff Learning

Marthe Haugland


Extensive work in the development and delivery of course content in the fields of management, business development, government relations, and internationalisation of business.

Takeoff Learning is a Norwegian organisation, part of the Norwegian Development Group. We offer flexible and adaptable training to organisations in the public and private sectors.